We contacted Lynn through an advertisement online, and after speaking with her a few times on the telephone agreed to purchase one of her kittens, its actual breed and "F" status we have long since forgot, and that really all in part to how much this cat has become a member of this family, and i mean a member.
Simba now is appraoching a yr old and at 16 lbs, and 15 foot jumping capacity, vert. or horz. doesn't matter to him, and with your keys, wallet,ck-book,lipstick,ring,bracelet, and anything else he can fit in that mouth of his and hide it behind the couch(this is his favorite hiding place), or he wakes you up at 4am pulling off the entire quilt,sheet, pillows and the like off the bed, this is his way of saying i am happy and ready for play.
Honestly we have alot of different critters here at our place, and Simba has turned out to be one of the most intelligent ones of the bunch, answers to his name, makes sounds that untill we got used to them would make us open the gun vault and search around the property fully armed to the teeth.
Our experince with dealing with Lynn was a most enjoyable one, and we wouldnt hesitate to do bizz with her again.
Anyone wishing any info re Lynn, feel free to email us anytime.
[email protected]
Marc & Darlene                                                                        
         A FEW TESTIMONIALS                   FROM PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS.....
  Just wanted to let you know how much I love my jungle hybrid and jungle bob.  They are awesome, entertaining and have the best dispositions for an exotic hybrid I have ever seen.  Thank you for your honesty and straightforwardness.  It is nice to deal with someone who stands by their animals and has a true love for them!
  Last July I purchased a jungle cat hybrid kitten from Lynn, and I am so
glad I did!  He is a beautiful and wonderful pet.
He was shipped to me (from Florida to Wisconsin) when he was 10 weeks
old.  I never liked the idea of shipping animals like this, especially
young ones, so I was a little concerned of how this may affect him.
Well, when I picked him up from the airport and took him out of the
carrier in my car, it was very apparent that Lynn raises these kittens
with much love and nurturing.  Right when I opened that carrier door, he
walked right up on my chest and rubbed my face with his face.  I was
amazed a kitten after the trauma of an airplane flight could be so
loving.  To this day, this is how he greets me every time he jumps up to
sit on my lap or sleep by me.  He is the most affectionate cat I have
ever had, and I have 9 cats right now.  And, yes, he gets along with all
of them just fine.
The only difficult thing at times, if you would call this difficult, is
that he needs a little more attention than the average domestic house
cat.  He gets bored easily, has much energy, and is very intelligent.
So, he needs alot of different toys to keep him entertained or he finds
ways of entertaining himself.  Essence of   honeysuckle spray and catnip
work good too in keeping him busy and settling him down as far as his
energy level. You  wouldn't believe all this cat has figured out how to
do just by observing.  And the memory this cat has.  If I don't want him
to get at something, letting him watch me put it up in a cabinet simply
is not going to work.  So you see, he's a remarkable pet being so
intelligent, but be prepared to put a little extra time and thought in
for this cat if you get one.  It is worth the extra effort if you really
want one of these more exotic cats.
Lynn is a knowledgable and dedicated breeder of these cats.  She is also
so nice and down to earth.  I talked with other breeders before I found
Lynn, and she is definately unique.  I just knew she was trustworthy and
a very caring person after one phone conversation.  We still talk today
on the phone and through email.  I now consider her a friend, and not
that it is a good quality of mine, my standards don't allow me to do
this often.  Lynn is also a great resource for information about these
cats.  If you contact her with a question or concern, she graciously
takes the time to help.  She really, sincerely cares for these animals.
This is not just a source of income for her.  She wants you and your cat
to be happy and will help in any way possible.  She gives good
instructions and recommendations about the care of these cats that are
easy to follow and should be followed.
Anyway, I had a good experience purchasing my jungle cat hybrid from
Lynn.  I should mention too that this was the first exotic pet I ever
had and the first long distance purchase of a pet I ever made.  Of all
the breeders I talked too in my search, I would recommend Lynn.  She
works with you, so you will be satisfied and not have any regrets.
You may email me for further verification if you want at:
[email protected]
Subject: The best cat ever                                                                                          
Dear Lynn, I just wanted to thank you for my junglebob. We have had her now about a month and she is almost 6 mos. old. Her name is Cleopatra and she is the most amazing pet. Not only is she smart but she is loving. She purrs all the time and loves to cuddle. She follows me everywhere, and is never scared or jumpy like most cats. She is so trusting of people, just like a dog in that respect. She was this way almost immediately after she got home and out of the crate after a 2 hour flight. Now that she is completely comfortable I can say that she is the best pet I have ever had or even been around. Everyone loves her, she will go up to new people and nuzzle their face and purr. She loves being held like a baby and getting her belly rubbed. She gets into everything and is slowly learning to stay off the kitchen table but she knows when she can get away with it. She is also very active and loves to play and jump and is so entertaining to watch play, you can't trick her, she is so smart. My boyfriend bought her for me and at first I thought that the price was much too high for a cat but this is not just a cat this is an amazing pet. She comes when you call her, she already plays fetch and brings her toys back every time and I am slowly getting her used to her harness, she is getting there. I also have taught her to stand on her back two feet for treats. I just can not say enough about her, everyone who has met her tells me that if they get a cat they are getting one from you. Thank you so much and I have a feeling I will be getting another junglebob from you in the future. She is exactly as explained and more.      Christy and Damian
I want to write this testimonial for anyone looking for a jungle hybrid.  Junglespots has the most beautiful, well socialized, evenly tempered kittens and cats out there in cyber space!!!  Her site is well maintained and when I first starting looking for a hybrid, I fell in love with several of the kittens on her website.
After an email and a phone conversation, I knew I had found the purrfect breeder.  She is very knowledgable and honest.  She has a great breeding program and her kittens are always handled from birth.  This makes a huge difference in personality.  I bought an f1 male and he is more friendly and loving than my domestics!
Lynn is wonderful to work with.  It is hard, if not impossible, to find a breeder that is honest about temperment and size.  I was concerned that the kitten was 7 months old and she said her kittens adjust well at any age.  This could not be more true!!! I would recommend anyone buying from her, NOT worry about the age.  Your kitten or cat will come purring right out of the cat carrier!  
Our kitten LOVES other cats, kids, strangers, anyone who will rub his head.  He is fully litter box trained and loves to sleep with us.  At 7 months old, he weighs a muscular 12 pounds.  He is not fat, he is solid muscle and extremely healthy.
I recommend Junglespots to anyone looking for their new best feline friend.  Lynn is such a pleasure to work with and will help assist you even after you bring your cat home.  THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!
Thanks Lynn for our new best friend.  The Gardner's

Hi Lynn,
Feela is doing FABULOUS !  She is loving and so very gentle and interacts like a gem with  the rest of the animal menagerie . You did a wonderful job raising and acclimating these kittens , she came off the plain as sweet and calm as if she had been sleeping on the bed , and she is just adorable, loving , healthy and a joy to be around and watch .She is outgoing and curious and acts like our dogs as well as a genuine feline , the best of both worlds! She is so outgoing  and follows us everywhere , she even enjoys the horse and I'm sure she'll be riding in the saddle one day of her own decision LOL
 Please feel free to use this as a testimonial to these wonderful cats and the way you raise them. My husband and I have both been around animal all our life and are quite knowledgeable about care and upkeep and socialization and often do programs educating about various animals in schools .Our hats are off to you , the care you give these cats shows. You did a fantastic job with socialization . She is a love bug and a purr baby all the way ! Photos coming soon. Thanks again .
The Caudles 

Hi Lynn,                                                              
 After purchasing 4 F1 junglecats, it's time to let you know, they are all amazing.  Every one of them are sooooo loving and beautiful.  They are living proof of the time and care you put into every one of your kittens. It is obvious, their health and happiness is your main concern. I also appreciate the quick responses when I have a question or just want to brag.  LOL  I've seen your cattery (which doubles as YOUR home)  on numerous occassions, and have been impressed everytime.  All the love you have showered on them, has truely paid off for us. You have changed Mike into a huge junglecat fan! I would be more than happy to speak with any of your potential buyers.  I just can't thank you or compliment you enough! I'm sure when these newest boys are older, we'll be back for another baby! We love our Savannahs, but we are so so addicted to these babies!   Thankyou again.  Phyllis

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